New Article: Tales Import Guide
February 11th, 2015 by PanbanRichard


New article is now up on the BBS. This one was written by BBS member Flamzeron and it’s a guide for importing Tales games from his perspective. Feel free to check it out.

New Article: What Happened to Local Multiplayer?
January 26th, 2015 by PanbanRichard


First article published on the BBS, by myself actually, which touches on a subject that’s been bothering me for a while with Tales games. Feel free to give it a read.

Also, I hope this gives anyone who is interested in submitting articles an idea as to how they’re written for the site.

Update: New Layout & More Content
January 18th, 2015 by PanbanRichard

Alright, it’s almost been two years but this website finally got an update. I figured since this was going to be an update after a long time, it has to be one that is well worth the wait. So I hope this update satisfies everyone’s patience. Now for an overview:

1) New Layout

The layout of the BBS has received a huge makeover. Now we have a proper navigation sidebar which leads to pages not only for the BBS. We also have a new banner, and the website has been reformatted so that it’s not completely reliant on HTML.

2) New Content

We now have three new pages to the website: Articles, Podcasts & Videos. Content related to these pages that have been created by Mizuho members will be posted there. So far, we only have a bit in these pages, but I trust that they’ll be expanded on in the future.

3) WordPress Updates

Mizuho BBS updates are now powered by WordPress on the main page. More experimentation will be done with this system in the future in order to improve the functionality of this site.

4) BBS Modifications

The About page from the BBS was updated and moved to the main navigation instead. The related links page was also removed due to the nature of our new layout. A new Main button was added, which returns you back to the main page. As always, other internal modifications were made to the BBS to keep it up to date.

5) Community Contributions

A big focus that Mizuho will be heading for in the future is user created content. The Mizuho BBS is a platform for many Tales fans to express their love for the series through videos, articles, podcasts, and more. We have to start somewhere, so if anyone would like to contribute to any of these pages, for now we can discuss it through e-mail at

More updates will be added in the future when I have the time. As always, thank you all so much for supporting Mizuho all these years, and for bearing with my lack of updates for over a year.

Update: New Portal, Hide Replies Feature & Affiliates!
May 1st, 2013 by PanbanRichard

The long awaited update to the BBS has finally arrived! Time to cover what’s changed:

1) Portal

We now have an official portal page for the BBS! With artwork provided by our very own Jay, the link to the BBS isn’t just a redirect with the password prompt anymore. The portal page broadcasts several of the features of the BBS, a link to the mobile site, and information for logging into the BBS–which makes the site more accessible to newcomers. You can check it out by visiting the root of this site here:

2) Hide Replies Feature

You can now hide replies to threads. This removes the text from each reply to a thread, and only displays the content of thread starters. A great way to find threads without having to scroll through walls of replies. This works on the Reply to Thread page as well!

3) Affiliates

The BBS finally has a proper list of affiliates! These affiliates appear at the bottom of every page on the BBS, and a form was added for visiting webmasters who would like to affiliate with the BBS too. Now that the affiliates are properly shown on the board, this will increase our chances of gaining traffic through neighboring websites!

4) Internal Modifications

Once again, internal modifications were made to improve your BBS experience–such as replacing missing buttons, changes in previous content, etc.

As always, thank you guys so much for continuing to use the Mizuho Skit Style BBS. :)

Update: New Server, Entertainment Page & ToS Personality Quiz
September 12th, 2012 by PanbanRichard

Welcome to our new home! The Mizuho Skit Style BBS is now hosted by Dreamhost, which provides the BBS with better benefits than our previous host. These benefits include a new webdomain for both the main site ( and the mobile site (, a password on our main page which decreases the risk of spambot attacks, and a decreased risk of server shutdowns due to how reliable Dreamhost’s server is.

Along with the new server, a new page for the BBS is available, known as the “Entertainment” page. Essentially, you’ll find fun activities to do on the BBS outside of interacting with the community here. Currently, there is only one feature available for that page right now, which is the Tales of Symphonia personality quiz.

A feature the original Mizuho website had; take the quiz and see which character best reflects your personality. Each playable character has their own results image based on the answers you’ve picked; see if you can get all the possible results this quiz has to offer. Of course, take the results of these quizzes with a grain of salt since they’re just here for fun. More personality quizzes will be available in the future.

Minor modifications were also made to the BBS’ code to help improve your experience.

As always, thank you all for your support with the BBS, and I hope all of you enjoy these new features~